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What to See in Gibraltar in a Day

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What to See in Gibraltar in a Day - DigiGranBiz

What can you see in a day in Gibraltar? The Rock of Gibraltar, St. Michael’s Cave, Europa Point and the monkeys!

Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is hard to miss but is worth going up to the top for the view of the city and to see the monkeys.

The monkeys are known as the Barbary Apes. They roam free on the Rock and have been entertaining visitors with their playful antics for years.

How the monkeys got to Gibraltar is a mystery as they have inhabited the area for centuries. It is believed that sailors and pirates brought them over from Africa on their voyages.

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St. Michael’s Cave

St. Michael’s Cave is a beautiful limestone cave that has a series of caves and tunnels in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve of Gibraltar.

These caves are 300 meters above sea level and walking through them reveals illuminated stalagmites and stalactites, subterranean passageways and an amphitheatre.

In one part of the cave was given the name ‘Cathedral Cave’ because of the way the formations hanging from the walls resemble organ pipes.


The Cathedral Cave is now an auditorium due to the chamber’s natural acoustic properties. It is equipped with a concrete stage and has a seating capacity of over 100.

You can walk through an area which some believe is a bottomless underground link to Africa. This is how some believe the Barbary Apes made their way onto the Rock many years ago!

What to See in Gibraltar in a Day

Europa Point

Europa Point is a stunning part of Gibraltar with a red and white striped lighthouse that dominates the landscape.

The lighthouse was first lit in 1941 and helped sailors manoeuvre around the Gibraltar Bay.

Europa Point is the southernmost point of Gibraltar and on a clear day has a view of North Africa and can be seen across the Strait of Gibraltar.

What to See in Gibraltar in a Day

Old Town

Explore the old town and see the shops, bars and restaurants and feel like you are in the UK, but with nicer weather!

Have you been to Gibraltar? What would you do in one day?

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