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The Game-Changing Travel Beauty Guide

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Guest Blog ‘The Game-Changing Travel Beauty Guide’ by Lucy Williams Global – The Travelling Wife Cruising Around the World


Travel Beauty Guide


Travelling with beauty products is such a pain these days with only being able to travel with a tiny clear plastic bag with 100 ml liquids in your hand luggage on a plane. But this has made me realise how much we really need to bring with us when we travel.

It is so easy to just pack all your regular sized products in your main hold luggage, but are you wasting valuable space?

Yes, you are!

Would you use a whole 250 ml bottle of shampoo on a two-week vacation?

No, you wouldn’t!

A 100 ml bottle is sufficient and the same goes for all the other big bottles you might bring with you.



Here are my top 10 tips for travel beauty

  1. Buy travel sized products or decant from your regular products into smaller 100 ml or 50 ml bottles.
  2. Label bottles.
  3. Cover all tops of products with cling film then screw on the top – stops leaks.
  4. Put bottles in ziplock bags just in case of breakage in transit and then does not go all over your clothes.
  5. Use multi-use products instead of taking lots of products.
  6. Bring full-sized sunscreen and after sun lotion.
  7. Make use of the allowance you can bring on the airline, I always bring a little of everything just in case connecting flights can be cancelled or bags are delayed.
  8. Buy products at the airport after you have been through security.
  9. Use solids instead of liquid e.g. soap, deodorant.
  10. Use a small brush/comb or fold away.
  11. Your bonus tip download a free travel beauty checklist!



I hope these tips help you on your next vacation and if you have any tips, pleased leave a comment, I would love to hear your beauty travel tips. Don’t forget to download your Free travel beauty checklist.

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Happy Travels

Love Lucy x

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Travel Beauty

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