Therapeutic Touch for Ireland’s Ageing Population or You’re Spoiling Me

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Guest blog post by Mary Mullally

“You’re spoiling me”.  This is what I hear all of the time from my elderly female clients.  Mostly they are in the 70s and 80s so are of an age, and era, when women traditionally cared for their families and never looked after themselves. Their upbringing taught them to look after others first and this makes it all the more poignant to give them time and nurturing through massage and therapeutic touch – caring that many of them never had in their younger years.

The results of the 2016 Census of Population showed that there were 637,567 people living in Ireland over the age of 65 – that represents almost 14% of the total population. This is, I believe, a golden [years] – excuse the pun – opportunity for massage therapists to develop their businesses into a new area.

People, no matter at what stage in their lives – babies, children, adults or the elderly need caring contact and touch to thrive and massage offer just that – a caring touch and vital contact that they would otherwise be deprived of.  I wish more therapists specialised in massage for the elderly and I was really pleased to see that Sangoma Therapies and Training in Athlone are running a one-day Certificate Course in Massage for Seniors and the Elderly on 30th of June.  The course will cover the specific considerations, special precautions, adaptations and contraindications required when working with elderly clients.  For information click

In my personal experience as a therapist of 15 years, I have seen my client base age BUT continue to come for regular massage treatments.

As therapists, we all know and believe in the benefits of massage.  For the elderly, however, therapeutic touch through massage can be vitally important, particularly if they live alone, have lost a spouse or were never in an intimate relationship. The power of touch is so important for this group and isn’t it just great that so many are attending regularly for treatments.  A few months ago in the Pure Pro Ireland FB Group, I asked members to share the age of their oldest clients.  The response was encouraging so see that many therapists have clients well into their 80s and even the early 90s – mirroring my own experience.

Of course, the products we use for older clients is important too.   I use Pure Pro’s Hypoallergenic Lotion when working with my elderly clients. It is an all-natural pH-balanced balanced lotion that is just perfect for older, delicate or sensitive skin. Containing organic aloe and golden jojoba oil this lotion really feeds and nourishes older, delicate skin in a gentle non-greasy way.  It stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more of the body’s own natural moisturiser which diminishes with age.  

Combined with gentle effleurage strokes Hypoallergenic Lotion also stimulates the primary and secondary circulation systems. This is particularly relevant to the elderly with impaired or reduced mobility or compromised circulation to the extremities.   It also improves the suppleness of muscles and fascia and positively affects joint flexibility. You can add essentials oils to further enhance the experience and it’s is a lovely lotion for facials too!

My elderly clients just love their treatments and regard them as real “treats” and enjoy the “spoiling”. In many cases, it is the only touch they experience. They usually nod off and I leave them as long as possible to nap and allow the Hypoallergenic Lotion to continue to work its magic.

If you have an older client base or would like to work more with the elderly Hypoallergenic Lotion is the product for you.  

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