There is something very luxurious about getting older.

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Guest blog from Kerry Mannion of Fabulous Women 

I was looking in the mirror last night and noticed that there were beautiful shiny bits in my hair.  They literally glittered in the light.  

To one person they might be grey hairs, but to me, they are a bit of a trophy – an award for what I have achieved to date.

This really started me thinking that getting older isn’t the worst thing that can happen.  To start with it is inevitable.  No amount of hair dye (which I do use), botox or even the practice of eating well and exercising is actually going to turn back the clock.

We are the age we are, and as I approach 53 I am going to celebrate the joys of getting older, rather than dwell on my creaky joints.

My life philosophy is to be fabulous despite the curveballs that life throws at us.  I deal with ill health on a daily basis, chronic pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Like us all, I have traveled a journey that has left scars and stretchmarks.  There are however always ways to celebrate the fabulous and rich blessings that come with being a little bit older.


I have far more confidence now than I did when I was twenty.  I am no longer trying to please everyone.  Take me as I am wobbly flesh and all.  I am me and proud to be me.

I celebrate my personal style every day.  I dye my hair and love being a red head.  I no longer try to fit in by choosing colours that creep into the shadows.  I wear my brights and flowing maxi dresses even when I am simply sitting at home.

In every year of my life, I have made friends.  One of my biggest joys is spending time with people I love.  A friend that has known me for almost 50 years knows all about my skeletons, and I know about hers.  We love each other regardless.  These kind of friends are a gift from time.

Understanding is an underrated gift and something that I have only really learned recently.  Being able to accept what is and not try to change others and understanding that they too have a journey has really reduced my stress and cut down on my overthinking.

I have been working since I was 16, and am now using all those many years of experience to do something that brings me real joy.  Spending time with a coaching client helping them to find their unique brand and market themselves puts a huge smile on my face.  And even more joyful I can do it from the comfort of my home office (wearing sparkly slippers if I choose).

I sleep less these days, even if you count in the joy of an afternoon nap.  As I wake up in the morning and creak downstairs to the kettle I know I have that precious morning time all to myself.

I make no apologies for my quirks.  I am me – I love silence and would drink tea until I overflow.  I am no longer looking for the approval of others.

I walk almost every day, and try to eat healthy tasty food because I want to enjoy this time of my life.  Moderation might sound like a boring word, but instead, I look at it as permission to balance eating healthy with the occasional glass of wine or frothy cappuccino and cake.  Both much better when shared with friends.

I think getting older gives you a little licence to celebrate your uniqueness.

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