Small Steps Make Big Changes

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My name is Karina Murray. In September 2016, following 9 years at home raising my 2 children, my youngest boy 5yrs of age had just started school and I found myself, at 44yrs, facing the daunting task of returning to the workplace.


With encouragement, I put a plan together that would take me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and completely changed my life, giving me a new purpose that I never imagined. The past year has taught me that anything is possible and now I’d like to share my story with you.


2017 was a busy year and one in which I discovered my real purpose in life. In January I became a radio presenter and now host my own weekly AUNUA show on Together FM. This has been an amazing opportunity for me to interview some incredible guests and also to promote AunuaTeam.


I had initially developed this as a program for adults “Small Steps make Big Changes” and built a team of volunteer speakers from different fields in the areas of health and wellbeing. This was a five-week program that launched successfully on the 6th February 2017 with the Lord Mayor of South Dublin Gus O’Connell and a room filled with 140 attendees’.


The five-week program that followed was enthusiastically received and led me to believe that it needs to be introduced earlier in life, to younger people, thus avoiding the many pitfalls that can get in the way of living a fulfilled life.


In September I trained as an NLP Practitioner (with Danielle Serpico of Blackbelt Mastermind). I firmly believe that the tools of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be hugely beneficial at all ages, and I’m honoured to have Danielle on the Aunua Team.


In October I had a unique opportunity to become a founder member of the Genius School Educator Program, having successfully applied for a scholarship to Entrepreneurs institute in Bali.  This entitles me to ongoing support and mentorship from Roger James Hamilton who has a deep commitment to education and to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide.


Part of a global network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I now have an opportunity to grow and expand the work of Aunua Team, as, starting locally, we aim globally to ‘ignite the genius in every child’.


Aunua Team is a dream of mine coming true. A comprehensive, focused and inspiring program for schools that provides a personal development program for young people.


I made a promise to an inspiring mom who’s a good friend of mine whose 11yr old son threatened to take his own life because he was being bullied and tormented for being different. He is a brave young man whose struggles have had a profound effect on me, inspiring me to create Aunua Team.


I have worked relentlessly to build the best team of professional experts to provide the tools to encourage a better mindset, build resilience and empower our children to find their R.O.A.R (Recognition (of emotions), Opening up (to those who can help). Acceptance (of differences) and Re-connection (with their inner ‘genius’).


We fully believe in the value of our 3-day Aunua Program for Schools to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people, and we also recognise the need for follow up and ongoing support. We are currently developing an umbrella website (thanks to Hustle & Praise) which will provide a full range of support and services for all students, parents and teachers.


This will provide information on local services, resources, helplines, support organisations, counselling, online courses, podcasts, newsletters and so much more – all supporting mental health and promoting personal development and an ongoing ‘safe space’ for young people after our 3-day program.

Our approach is, as the name implies, a new way to educate our young people in the personal skills required to survive and thrive in this new and rapidly changing world. We need the support of all who are interested in helping our young people to develop into healthy, happy, well-adjusted adults.


There will be many funding and sponsorship opportunities for Companies and individuals through our AunuaTeam website. With global support and interest in our model, the intention is to create a program that we can implement nationwide and one that becomes a model for other countries.


World leaders are seeking ways to deal with the impact of increasing mental health issues in young people as it’s a growing global concern. Many teenagers are struggling with outside influences beyond their control, and, added to academic pressure, this can all be too much for many of them, unfortunately taking them down a path of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide.  A new approach is desperately needed and this has to happen now.


Our children need us to step up as parents and educators and implement new and relevant change. The best window of opportunity we have to do this is NOW, and we believe the best approach is through our education system.


Ireland has incredibly talented and committed professionals right across the disciplines of health and education. By bringing them together with a shared vision for the health and well-being of our young people, the AUNUA team, on our Emerald Isle, can lead the way in pioneering an ‘evolutionary’ new way to prepare all our children for a new and exciting future.





Twitter: @aunua_ie


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