Seniors Love To Travel Part Two

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Seniors Love To Travel Part Two

The seniors start their cruise on the MSC PREZIOSA, in Barcelona and stop in Palma for two nights. Next was Marseille for the day, Genoa for the day and finishing in Barcelona and staying there for two more nights.

The MSC PREZIOSA departed Barcelona Port just before midnight and of course I watched it! I am always in awe of sail away, as seeing the coast all lit up, it looks beautiful.

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The three seniors were in one cabin! My partner, Bill, his twin brother Charlie & myself. There was a sofa bed for Charlie but we decided not to open the sofa bed as we were all bruising our senior legs against the legs of the sofa bed!

It turned out that the sofa bed was such a generous size that Charlie was content to sleep on the sofa. I brought my earplugs which were invaluable to block out the twins snoring!

We arrived in Palma the next day at midday. We spent two days in Palma de Mallorca in Spain on the cruise.

As soon as I saw the island of Mallorca, I got very emotional. Why?  I have very happy memories as I lived there in the 1970’s for five years.

I had made many close friends including my then boyfriend called Julio. After qualifying as a nurse, I was ready to travel.

Four Irish lassies set off for Majorca. We started out as au-pairs and then got into a language school teaching English.

Families at home encouraged us to return home otherwise I think we all would still be there. That is enough of reminiscing! I am a real romantic!

Protected Olive Tree in Palma

The three of us headed to Palma by bus from the cruise terminal (it cost 6 Euros per person).  While we were there we had a lovely walk around the old town to see the cathedral. The Gothic Cathedral of La Seu towers above the old town.

It stands in the historic old quarter of Palma.  It was built in 1601. It was reformed between 1904 and 1914 by the world-famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

While in the old town we walked around the nice shops and stopped to people watch! As I had visited this destination so many times in the past, I had a walk along the promenade and decided to return to the ship to have a swim and relax. Without the twins!

Bill and Charlie spent hours in the old town, walking around, shopping and of course enjoyed a few drinks there!

The following day, the twins returned to Palma and I decided to stay onboard the ship to enjoy the facilities. I had a swim, enjoyed the sundeck, read my book. Very relaxing!

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My top tip is when in port, this is a good time to see all that the ship has to offer as most of the passengers have gone ashore so you have most of the ship to yourself!

We sailed at 10 pm from Palma that night to Marseille. Stay tuned for part three of our senior adventures!

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Seniors Love To Travel Part Two

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