Seniors Love to Travel Part 1

Seniors Love To Travel Part One

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Can you imagine three seniors travelling together by plane, car and ship! This was my latest adventure with three modes of transport in four countries. Seniors love to travel!

We drove from my city of Waterford in the south-east of Ireland to Dublin. It took two hours by car and we stayed at the Clayton Hotel at Dublin Airport, overnight.


We had pre-booked our car park at the Clayton Hotel at Dublin Airport.

The hotel room was welcoming and we enjoyed a hearty soup with soda bread that evening. The next morning was a very early start and we took the airport bus to the airport that ran approx. every 15 minutes.

The driver was so helpful! He helped the three seniors with their luggage at 5am! That meant so much to us.

The Flight

We flew to Barcelona with Aer Lingus and it took two hours and 50 minutes. I love this airline, each passenger is greeted so warmly.

We had pre-booked our seats and had priority boarding. I was gifted to be seated next to a young American lady who had travelled to Dublin from Cleveland to Boston-Dublin en route to meet her friends in Barcelona.

Hannah was delightful company. Despite our age gap, we learnt so much about each other and our mutual passion for travel. We are now emailing each other!

After arriving and going through passport control and collecting our luggage, we were greeted in arrivals with a paddle written on it Brenda Bergin.

I was embarrassed to see my name! Then, I thought enjoy this! The three seniors followed our chauffeur and we were greeted with heavy rain!

Joining the Ship

The next stop was Barcelona Cruise Ship Terminal. We waited in the embarkation area for three hours before boarding the MSC PREZIOSA.

Some shops were open but coffee shop was not open. Brenda was without Coffee!

When we boarded the MSC PREZIOSA, I felt I was in a magical space! It was so beautiful, there were Swarovski crystals on the winding staircase!

Artwork everywhere and it had the rich interior décor, so European.

We had a warm welcome again onboard with the lovely crew. We were shown to our cabin, we had a balcony cabin and it was just as the video showcased online.

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We were three seniors in one cabin what fun! Our balcony space was very generous and our cabin steward was so helpful. He was from Bali, this is a location on my bucket list!

We were on the second sitting for dinner and it was excellent. I always request second sitting as I can relax before dinner.

That way I can spend the day on deck or be seeing the local sights, without having to rush for dinner.

The buffet for lunch was hard work! Lots of people, all wanting to eat!

Onboard, we opted for the drinks package; it is something I would advise you to check with each Cruise Line.

The package on MSC can work out very well for you but, if one of the passengers in the cabin do not drink alcohol, all of them still have to pay for the whole package.

My virgin cocktails (non-alcoholic) were an artist’s vision with the presentation, colours and service! As I was sipping a virgin tropical cocktail, I was honoured to witness a wedding.

I asked the groom if I make take some photos and he said oui. I can now value why some wedding parties get married onboard. I felt so emotional watching the service. Maybe, some day!

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I often slipped off to treat myself to Italian Ice cream! This was included in my drinks package, as were my coffees.

I swam daily in the pool and spent hours on our cabin balcony. I just seem to feel connected to the ocean.

Onboard, the entertainment was for all tastes and the nationalities cruising were mainly British, Irish, Spanish, French and Italian.

The cruise started in Barcelona in Spain and we went to Marseille in France, Genoa in Italy and back to Barcelona. Then we flew to Palma from Barcelona for two more days of sunshine!

I will tell about what the three seniors got up to in each port of call in part two of Seniors Love to Travel.

Stay tuned!

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Brenda’s Travel Suggestions

I love to travel with essentials oils especially these ones:

Align your senses with a rush of lemongrass which breezes into the hustle and bustle of travel. Cooling peppermint for tummy and mind. Settle into a state of rest with the tranquil notes of Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

I get my essential oils from Karl Murray an Artisan Essential Oil Distiller at KOTANICAL is the first company in Ireland to distil oil from natural native sources.

Seniors Love to Travel Part 1

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