Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz

Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht!

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Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz


Hello everyone and thank you Brenda very much for hosting me on your blog page!

Brenda and I bumped into each other on Instagram and we soon realised that we have had similar experiences in life and that we also share the same drive and passion to make the most of this life we are blessed to have! So, who am I you may wonder.

My name is Memnia Theodorou, 36 years young. I come from Cyprus but lived in London for the last 10 years.

Amongst other things I’m a Motivational Speaker, a Dentist (yes you read that right), a Traveller and Adventurer and…. The first Cypriot who was mad enough to sail from the UK to Australia on a racing yacht as part of a team! Yikes!

How did a Dentist that knew nothing about sailing find themselves on one of those boats I can hear you asking!


Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz


Well, I have to admit that I was not always this courageous person. I used to have my boring 9-5 job in London, that had turned unbearable over the course of the years, and no matter how much I disliked it, I did not have the guts to leave it.

If I lost my job, who would pay my bills? The thought was frightening. I was also in a not so great relationship let’s just say, that I again was reluctant to leave and face the world alone.

But one day, I saw this ad in London underground, advertising “Clipper Round the World Yacht Race”, claiming that it’s for “people like you”, and I decided to take the plunge. I signed up!

After months of preparation and training, we were off! Our journey took over 5 months and was over 18 000 Nautical Miles long.

Starting from London, we crossed the Atlantic twice, then went into the Southern Ocean and later on we rounded Australia, to complete our race in Sydney.


Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz


When we finally reached Australia I was so overwhelmed, I burst into tears.

I looked back at what we’d just achieved: we’d just crossed the Southern Ocean, one of the most notorious oceans of the planet, we went through the most treacherous seas and the most unpredictable weather systems our planet has, on a tiny sailing boat that looked like a nut shell in the middle of the ocean!

We had left Cape Town after a brief stopover there over 3 weeks ago and we’d just arrived into port in Albany (Aus); exhausted and filthy looking, but safe and sound.

The emotions were all over the place. I knew, that this journey had changed me for life. In a good way!


Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz


For me, it took a lot of adverse events in my life to shake me up and literally force me out of my comfort zone. It took a lot to stop me from making choices based on my fears and start making choices based on the life I wanted to be living.

In a nutshell, within the space of that year leading up to my decision of signing up on this race, I had lost my sister to Cancer, I had ended my dysfunctional relationship, I was forced to leave my job, and I had lost a house deal that I had patiently waited 5 months for. You could say it was one horrible year all around!

After a lot of dark patches and floating in the troughs of the metaphorical sea of life, my decision to step up and take control of my life, was a promise to myself that I must not give up on me. I had to try anything in my power to make myself better. And that’s why I signed on this race.

I was not wrong. Adventure has an incredible power to transform us, whether we like it or not. When set a challenge for ourselves, we inevitable focus on the target at hand and we allow our brains to free up and let go of the everyday thoughts that are weighing us down.


Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz


Finding myself immersed in nature, surrounded by dolphins, wales, seals and albatrosses was an awe-inspiring experience I will never forget. The incredible dawns and sunsets, without another soul around us, was beyond what you can imagine.

Managing a 70 foot beast of a boat also worked as an incredible elixir to re-build my shattered confidence. And being surrounded by a supportive, encouraging group of people, did wonders in re-establish my sense of worthiness that was lost somewhere during a less than optimal relationship.

The same doesn’t need to happen for you. You don’t need to go through what I went through to find the Courage to Lead the life of your dreams! You have the choice now, to make a decision and step up and take control of your life! Remember:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.

Martin Luther King Jr.

 Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz


For me, taking the first step was believing in me, believing I was worth more than what I was experiencing. The next step was to actually sign up to this race!

For you, the next steps might be different, but the first step is always believing in yourself and have the Courage to step up and ask what you wish from the universe. The universe will respond, I can guarantee you that!

If you’re interested in hearing more about my story, here’s the link to my recent TEDx talk ( that happened on my island, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

It was the scariest thing I very did up to that point, standing in front of so many people sharing my story. Even more scary than sailing through the oceans!

And now I enjoy doing this so much, sharing my story through motivational talks, to inspire others to have the Courage to Lead the life of theirs dreams. Go figure!

I also run a monthly newsletter, with shots of inspiration delivered straight into your inbox! It also informs you about my upcoming talks, workshops and well, you’ll be the first to know ones my book is out and published! If we’d like to stay connected, you can sing up here:

I hope I have been of service to you and thank you Brenda again for hosting me on your blog! Keep doing the great job you’re doing!

Warm hugs,

Memnia Theodorou

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Sailing from the UK to Australia on a Racing Yacht! - DigiGranBiz
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