My journey into health and wellness by Dolores Andrew-Gavin

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It always amazes me how our passion for what we want to do comes to us when we least expect it!

After leaving school I had visions and dreams of studying marketing or journalism but my path led me to a career in the legal world.   Not self-chosen but still a job which I stayed in for many, many years.

I have always had a strong interest in all things health and wellness with my older sister being a Reiki Master and an aromatherapy massage therapist.

In my late 20s and 30s I was very involved with Junior Chamber International and after many years chairing projects and networking with local businesses in Galway I became Chapter President of Junior Chamber Galway in 1998.  The following year I got married.

It wasn’t until I had my children that my passion for more natural lifestyle choices unfolded again.    My eldest son who is now 13 was diagnosed with asthma when he was four after having been on steroids and antibiotics several times.  I choose to visit a homeopath in Galway named Lillian van Eyken and let’s just say homeopathy worked for us and my son doesn’t suffer from asthma anymore.

After having my second son my legal career was dwindling as I had been freelancing in conveyancing offices in Galway however, around this time the property market had all but stopped.

Being someone who has always worked, even part time when I was going to school in local shops in Galway City, it is in my blood to keep learning so changing career was an obvious choice at this stage.

Around this time too I also became intrigued with how our mind works especially around our emotions.    I used to watch children playing in the playground at school and watch as the “main players” did the ordering while those who were on the quieter side would either play alone or follow the orders!!   This along with my son’s own journey led me to re- kindle another love of mine, that of writing.

I started a blog called and also self-published my first children’s mythological book.  It is a book about isolation in the school yard but it’s about fairies and unicorns and even Fairy Godmother drops in!    It is a fairy story with real fairies from Barna Woods in Galway!!

I developed a web site for children and my dream was to create a portal for children to go in and learn how to navigate their emotional needs.   I have lots more plans for the website and it is always evolving!

I always developed a school programme called the City of Illumination for children and over the years I have gone into schools reading my now 2 self-published mythological children’s books and helping children find clarity with their emotional state.

I also studied emotional intelligence, became a Reiki Master, a Master EFT Practitioner, a Soul Care Practitioner (Shamanic studies) and have a huge interest in all things emotional related.    I founded the Global Emotional Health Summit this January interviewing professionals in emotional and mental health from all over the world.

The word “Illumination” is one that just comes up for me all the time and, my aim, when I work with clients, is to help them illuminate their own way.   We each have the ability to look inside and just know what we need to do, however, it isn’t always easy.   My own journey has led me to go deep inside myself and find my voice in order to take charge of my own destiny.   I have developed tools from my own journey to help people find their own mojo and allow them to find their own true, authentic selves.

I work with people to look at their own energy body and find the blocks that can be manifesting as limiting beliefs, negative self-talk fear, shame, guilt or whatever else it is that is holding us stuck under our own self-made inner glass ceiling.   I love to help people smash this ceiling and raise the bar.    We are limitless beings and are only held back by ourselves, of course, there is work to be done if we want to make those changes.

I also created an online interactive health and wellness community 2 years ago.   IrishHealthHour is a place to network in a targeted environment for those working in heath and wellness.

Many who work in the “healing arts” are empathic beings who may find large networking events harsh and hard to handle.    So another unique part of IrishHealthHour is that there is a hashtag hour every Sunday evening from 8 – 9  pm GMT where business gets done and friends are made.

I also interview people via “irishhealthhourchats” and do site visits and blogs.

Content creation is another aspect of what I do and helping people allow their own stories to unfold.     It’s a lovely community of people and I enjoy the interaction with like minded individuals.

This February I hit the big 50 and I have to say I have embraced my crone years.  For the future, I look forward to sharing my insights and obstacles that I have had to overcome so that others too know that our thoughts and emotions are just pieces of energy.  Energy always wants to move so let’s kick those stuck energy blops that hold us back, raise our heads high and soar to wherever our heart wants to take us.

Until next time … keep the faith,

Dolores Andrew-Gavin Founder IrishHealthHour, Author  Energy Therapist and MUM

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