Illustrations by David Smith

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Hello Everybody!

Could I just say a big thank you to Brenda for all her words of encouragement, compliments and a chance to post on her blog.


Illustrations by David Smith


During my 20+ years in the industry, I have worked in a variety of creative fields including game design for Disney and The Simpsons, character/ theme generations for an indoor play manufacturer, through to tattoo design.


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However, during the last five years, I have been working freelance and generating illustrations for books, logos, pet/family portraits as well as releasing my first two collections of oils.




With pet or family portraits the photograph is key, the sharper the photograph the better. Just as with humans, pets have their own version of ‘red eye’ so try to avoid using a flash. Natural light is always best.

However, it is book illustration that I truly love. I love to inspire and encourage children to read and good illustration will do that. Too many times a good story is overlooked due to the poor artwork.


Illustrations by David Smith


Why spend all that time writing a fabulous story to not do it justice at the final hurdle?

Check out my latest book on Amazon, ‘Prince Porrig And The Calamitous Carbuncle



If you have an illustration project you wish to discuss or a pet you wish to commission you can contact me in a variety of ways:


Facebook @theartofdavidsmith

Twitter @artofdavidsmith

Thank you and I hope to work with you all soon.
David Smith

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