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In 2006, my husband and I arrived to look at our property in Rathcormac, Co. Cork.  When we entered the front gate, my first glimpse was that of an old run down farmhouse and equally crumbling sheds but I instantly fell in love with what was in front of me. There was so much character and I could clearly visualise a Retreat Centre in its future.

We bought the property and we have been creating that dream for the last decade. Initially, we designed our new house which took us over a year and a half to build, complete and ready for us to move in.  The next part of our dream was to open a Retreat Centre for woman who are passionate about changing their lives.



Epons Retreat Centre

This Retreat Centre was going to be authentic to me, I was going to have horses facilitating me in my Healing Energy Work. Hence the stables and the Studio for workshops. The old farmhouse transformed into a guesthouse so that I can cater for woman coming from all over the world to work with me and my horses.

We weren’t settled long in our new property when the recession hit us, my husband who is self-employed and works within the building trade like most in the building line was hit badly by the recession. With a large mortgage, 2 small children, husband trying to find work and me a homemaker, there were times when we seriously contemplated selling up and moving on.

It seemed impossible, but something inside of me screamed “NO” each time we discussed it in depth. I always believed that we would make it work and we were not going to give up on our dream.  We both decided to get healthy both physically & mentally and this led us into the realm of personal development.

Isabel – Ruby’s foal 3 months old- this is Isabel connecting with my energy. We are both in a state of calmness and ease.

We knew we had to change our thinking and start learning and developing a positive mind-set so as to achieve our dream.  We realised that life was so very short and it was the time that I awakened to and share my talents as an Energy Healer with the world.

By slowly reconnecting with my true authentic self I became more aligned within myself and my life purpose & I began then attracting opportunities that led me back to working/connecting with horses/animals and nature.

I was drawn to working with Horses particularly and they helped me tremendously to open up my heart and I felt they were teaching me about life & how to live in my truth.  They literally helped open my heart to self-love and guided me to embrace change and to redefine my true ability.

I became very aware of my identity again and I was inspired to regain my confidence and to my delight, I felt my vibrational frequency rise.

In February 2016 we decided to act on our plan to build & create the Epona Retreat Centre.  We knocked down the old sheds and started building our new stables and Studio.  We endeavoured to maintain the character of the old sheds by using the original stones for the new stables.

We completed in December 2016.  I was very excited to part of our dream was coming together. The next part of the dream is in progress, the old farmhouse we will be starting renovations in the spring of 2018.

I have been hosting Workshops and coaching clients 1-2-1 in my new studio since January 2017. Ruby my horse who entered our lives 2 years ago with Lizzie and her new foal 3 months old, she facilitates with me when hosting my workshop “Courage to be Me” and my 1-2-1 Equine Coaching Programmes.

At my workshop “Courage to be Me” I reconnect woman to their true self-aided by the horses so they can start living an authentic life.  Through creative exercises/learning tools, we explore our inner world and express ourselves, taking us closer to the forces of meeting the horses.  This helps us reach mind states that are similar to those of the horses.

Lizzie and Ruby out in the paddock – Freedom

My Equine 1-2-1 Coaching programmes are for woman who are passionate about their horses, those with a desire to receive greater courage so as to move forward, obtain clarity, inner strength in order to set healthy boundaries and release their past and limiting beliefs.  This programme runs for 4 months and 6 months.

My dream did not come through by just dreaming about it, I had to take action and receive support from professional people who helped me throughout my journey. I believe you can achieve your dreams by having the courage to believe in yourself bringing forth the dream into reality.

Noreen B.Roche
Epona Retreat Centre
Transformational Equine Coach & Energy Healer
Ballynanelagh, Rathcormac, Co.Cork
Facebook: Noreen B Roche
Tel: 087 9325857

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