It’s All About the Blue at Chefchaouen in Morocco

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Brenda asked me to share my Moroccan adventures in Chefchaouen where everything is blue with you all, so here it is:

It’s All About the Blue at Chefchaouen in Morocco

It is all about the blue at Chefchaouen in Morocco, everything is painted blue and when you walk through the narrow streets all you see is blue walls, blue doors, blue window frames, blue plant pots, blue stairs and blue paths in all different shades of blue.

So, you get the gist it’s all blue! Why is it all blue? There are several theories!
• It keeps the mosquitos away
• It symbolizes the sky and heaven and acts as a reminder to lead a spiritual life
• The blue was brought in by the Jewish when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s
The blue looks beautiful and is so different from any other place. Walking through the town are shops selling herbs and spices, coloured powders, oils, blankets, knitted hats, camel hair rugs, paintings, ceramic pots and souvenirs.

There are many hotels and restaurants in the Medina (old town) of Chefchaouen or as the locals call it ‘Chaouen’. We ate in a local restaurant and had a chickpea soup, pita bread, salad, lamb and vegetable stew, followed by little cookies and mint tea.

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We sailed into Ceuta, Spanish Morocco and drove to Chefchaouen. It is in the Moroccan Rif Mountains and it takes just under three hours to reach.
The city was founded in 1471 and in the centre of the medina is an old fortress from that time. Today surrounding the fortress is a market square with local people selling their wares.

We were there in the middle of April and the season had started so there were quite a few tourists already there. In the summer months Chefchaouen is a busy tourist destination, so keep that in mind when booking your trip.

Essential Info:

  • Weather: Winter: 14*C – 18*C/Summer 20*C – 30*C
  • Top Tip: Wear layers and keep your wallet close to you.
  • Currency: Euro, but they also take US Dollars

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