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Let me introduce myself! I am Brenda Bergin and I have a passion for promoting small businesses.

I am the DigiGran – the digital grandma!

Here are some lovely testimonies of people I have worked with that I wanted to share:

“A huge talent with a huge heart”

I have known Brenda Bergin for many years now, she is a passionate person who puts a hundred percent into all she does. She connects so many artists from all different genres including painting, designers, shoe creators, all crafts and has a wonderful ability to promote all equally. Her site Seniorpreneurs Ireland is inspired and lets all different craft people come together in a warm and happy forum. She has been involved in promoting wicked weddings an alternative wedding fair and her ability to seek out the best of the best is second to none. Her blogs are interesting and show her wide range of interests. A huge talent with a huge heart.

Claire Garvey



“I highly recommend her services as a promoter of your business”

I was fortunate to collaborate with DigiGran (Brenda) during a busy crowdfunding campaign to launch my art collection ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’. Brenda’ s boundless energy and passion were a perfect match for promoting my artwork in social media networks. I reached my Fund target and gained a supportive following during that time. Brenda is very encouraging and generous with her support. I highly recommend her services as a promoter of your business.

Caroline Cunningham



Brenda is very active on twitter and as a senior, it’s great to see she doesn’t let her age be a barrier to connecting with people.

Samantha Kelly

Award Winning Twitter Expert |Author | TEDxSpeaker



 “Encourages people to share their wisdom on to others”

Brenda Works really hard to share topics of interest to her senior groups and encourages people to share their wisdom on to others, there is ways plenty of blogs, places of interest, events coming up that she shares in the group to everyone.




“Brenda Bergin works hard to build communities”

Brenda Bergin works hard to build communities around various themes including seniors and travel. The Seniorpreneurs Ireland Facebook group is her brainchild and if you fit the bill, I certainly advise that you join it. You will be welcomed with open arms. It’s even international now!

Marie Collins

Digital Marketing Consultant at DigiPulse Marketing


“She has been a great support”

Brenda is fantastic to work with as she is very positive and she likes promoting everyone’s business and blogs. I found Brenda in a Facebook group and she has been a great support ever since!

Lucy Williams


Brenda Bergin Blog


I’m honoured to write a testimonial for a woman I deeply admire and a valued member of my community, Forever Fierce. Brenda Bergin is known for her kind, compassionate and fiercely supportive personality. She’s always one of the first to comment and to offer uplifting and inspirational words. This means the world to the women of my community, women like Brenda who are at midlife or beyond. The world tends to see us as not relevant or invisible and Brenda is a shining star guiding women to believe in themselves while connecting them through their hearts. She’s a beloved member of my community and I truly believe any company would be fortunate to partner with her.

Catherine Grace O’Connell

CatherineGraceO, LLC / Forever Fierce Media


Brenda Bergin Blog


Brenda brings so much energy and fun to any of the events she attends, she came to my last business event in Donegal and I think everyone was impacted by her “socialness” and genuine interest in other people’s stories. She really wants to help and she’s so kind with her time but more than anything – she is brilliant on social media!

Moira Ní Ghallachoir


Brenda Bergin Blog


I have seen how Brenda helps and encourages people in her Seniorpreneurs group daily not to be afraid to jump right in and to try new adventures. She constantly shares articles of interest to the group, she also cares about the people in there too and is a supportive shoulder when needed.

Helena Gilhooly


Brenda Bergin Blog


Brenda has a great connection with her followers on all her social media platforms – Instagram, FB groups and Twitter. She is paving the way for people in their 60’s to find out information about travel for them. Wishing Brenda every success with her travel blog.

Gaye Moore


Brenda Bergin Blog


For anyone who is older and thought their best days were behind them, have a look at Brenda Bergin. She’s a true inspiration. After retirement and many life challenges (including a brush with cancer), Brenda jumped into the world of social media. She learned well and quickly became one of Ireland’s best known older online influencers. She was 3rd Irish Winner of Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award, founder of the 1400 member strong Seniorpreneurs group on Facebook, is active on Facebook and Twitter, and is affectionately known online as DigiGranBiz. Brenda is well connected and she uses those connections to build relations and help others, many of them seniors. She is currently merging her love for travel with blogging and encourages other seniors to live their dream. She’s a great support to me — as a friend and on social networks. She also has a warm and generous spirit and is the person to speak to for what’s happening with seniors online.

Teri Morris

Founder, ImpulseHub Web Design, Development & Training

Co-Founder, Slingshot60 Small Business Competition



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