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Benefits of the Outdoors

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Guest Blog Post by Tommy Sera

Taking on outdoor activities is like a cure for the damaging, sedentary lifestyle that most of us are living. Our bodies are fundamentally built for movement.

Prolonged hours in the same, often unnatural position, are damaging to our musculoskeletal system. Similarly, our minds are built for a challenge, but not for the persistent stress that we receive in microdoses daily.

Unfortunately, our Western lifestyle lacks the challenges we are designed to face. They are replaced by the artificially created problems of a modern workplace.

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Benefits of the Outdoors -DIgiGranBiz


The solution is not simply a matter of going to the gym and exercising. For proper functioning, our bodies and minds also need fresh air, the sounds of nature, and the light that comes from the central star known as the sun.

While in nature we can disconnect from our own entangled thoughts. We can start paying attention to our surroundings and how they influence us. We will quickly notice that our minds stabilize and become relaxed. The tension in our muscles goes away. Our mood lifts.



Getting into nature also lets us leave behind most of the pollution generated by civilization. Fossil fuel fumes, chemicals, overwhelming noise, the excess of the blue light generated by ubiquitous screens, and electrosmog. The harmful effects of most of these are well known and documented. The effects of others are still unknown.

Staying in a natural environment for a few days offers further benefits. The circadian rhythm, unnaturally distorted by ever-present artificial lighting, resets and begins to work in its natural way. Our eating habits begin to return to their normal pattern of around 15 hours of fasting and 9 hours of feeding.


Benefits of the Outdoors -DIgiGranBiz


Finally, our spiritual side gets an enormous boost. Connection with the natural environment that surrounds us, a mountain, the sea, or a forest, is very real and almost palpable. It forces us to ask the timeless questions about our own existence and place on this earth.

I hope that this short text encouraged you to spend more time in nature and to do so more consciously. The benefits are countless and the drawbacks are none. And in case you feel like you are getting the outdoor bug, don’t hesitate to visit Tommy’s Outdoors website at and submerge yourself in nature. See you in the outdoors!


Benefits of the Outdoors -DIgiGranBiz

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Benefits of the Outdoors -DIgiGranBiz
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