58 Year Old Blogger Hasn’t a Clue!!

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Guest Blog Post by Bernie Kirwan age 58 and a bit!

I was asked today why am I blogging and am I going to make money!!!! The answer for now, for me, is that I love writing, I know very little about the blog world and all the tech stuff. For now, I’m just gonna keep writing and enjoy the benefits of loosing myself in it.

Then I was asked where can people find me.”Sure tis getting very complicated”, I thought to myself “FIND ME I SAID, SURE I’M CONSTANTLY TRYING TO FIND MYSELF SO I AM” Seriously though I know you can find me here on facebook and then you can share me if you feel like it. You can even like me too,[virtual world], but of course, you need to like yourself before you can like anyone else[real world ]

And then I was asked what am I blogging about and whats my category. Seemingly there are food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers..sure all kinds of bloggers who blog about makeup and all sorts and they seem to know exactly what category they belong to. And these are all younger than me so they are.”God I’m 58 and a bit and I’m still trying to find my category” I thought. Anyway, I said I’m blogging about life and what its all about warts and all.

 Questions questions questions, all part of it I suppose.

I know I need to get myself out there more via all the other sites etc but give me a chance I’m not getting any younger and me poor ould brain is frazzled. If you comment I think you can comment at the end of each blog or on the facebook page.I’m after joining twitter so I am but I havent a clue how to tweet.!!!!. I only speak english and a smithereen of irish and now I’ve to go and learn tweet…..what the heck have I started.

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