10 Top Tips to Looking Great for a Job Interview

10 Top Tips to Looking Great for a Job Interview

10 Top Tips to Looking Great for a Job Interview

Personal presentation for a job interview is vital as, how you look speaks a thousand words before you have even opened your mouth!

Remember you are a potential employee and they are about to make an investment in you. You need to look polished and professional and then you are half way there!

10 Top Tips to Looking Great for a Job Interview

Here are ten top tips to looking great for that big interview:

  1. Dress the part – Do your research as it depends on the type of job you are going for. Is it an office job, outdoor job, shop, etc. If you wear a suit and you are going for a job as gardener maybe that is not quite fitting. But it is always better to dress smart and not to show up in a t-shirt and jeans.
  2. Shoes – Clean and polished, dirty shoes look like you do not care. If you are female not too high, smart and classic and if you cannot walk in heels do not wear them as you will look like you cannot walk in them!
  3. Accessories keep to minimal – Men no jewellery, apart from a watch and wedding ring. Women small earrings, not a ring on every finger, one necklace, one bracelet.
  4. Hair – Make sure your hair is clean and styled neatly, no messy styles. Females, either pin it up neatly in a bun or ponytail or nicely blow-dried. If you colour your hair make sure your colour is fresh and not showing two inches of roots! Men cut into a nice neat style and clean shaven unless you have a beard. A big tip – when we are anxious we are inclined to put our hand in our hair, don’t as if you are dealing with dandruff you might get white specks coming out!Interview tips
  5. Makeup – Men don’t wear any! Women avoid heavy makeup. Keep it natural, simple, sophisticated and professional. Keep it in with your personality, maybe tone it down if you wear a lot normally. Wear, appropriately to the type of job you are applying for. Conservatory for a professional job, but if it is a fashion, hairdresser job, for example, show more creativity. Click here for professional makeup ideas.
  6. Nails – Men clean and shaped neatly. Women clean, neatly shaped. If you wear nail polish, make sure it’s fresh, not chipped and no nail art. Keep it professional! If you do not normally wear nail polish add a coat of clear polish. 10 Top Tips for an interview
  7. Perfume/Aftershave – Sometimes it is safer not to wear any as everyone has different scent preferences. Your interviewer might not like the smell of your Chanel or Dior as it can be a distraction. Also, be careful with your deodorant, wear it, but make sure it is not a strong smell.
  8. Handbag/Briefcase – Suggest not to use a handbag carrying the kitchen sink, use a small smart one or a smart briefcase, not a backpack. 
  9. Mobile Phone – Switch it off or put it on silent before you go into the interview and a big no no is carrying it in your hand. It looks like you are uninterested.
  10. Be Confident – Try not to be too nervous and show as much confidence as you can as this will make you shine!

Makeup for a job interview

Good luck with your interview you will look great!

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You are Younique!

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